Projects And Programs –Cooperation Options

Klaster’s Partners can use the collaborative initiative, as a tool for cooperation within their projects and programs. Partners have a possibility to participate in activities of chosen “thematic working groups”, whose objective is to coordinate collaborative activities concerning chosen subject (program, issue, challenge). Working within a group gives an opportunity to gather major resources and enables to efficiently achieve goals.

Working groups constitute an easier path to develop collaborative projects. What is more, owing to their distinctness they remain an easier target for enterprises, institutions and consortia searching for associates. Furthermore, thematic working groups are believed to be more effective in innovative activities. They have the possibility to contribute into similar groups in nets of Klaster’s international relations and to boost their chance of participation in external projects.

Currently, we established following thematic groups:

  • Medical Diagnostics – currently realizes project Global Biomarker Program in collaboration with CEBR;
  • Innovative Hospital – currently realizes project PATHOS in cooperation with SCANBALT as well as SmartFin in cooperation with
  • Klaster’s Innovation Team (ZIN) – created an Internet platform, currently elaborates the catalog of cooperative science institutions within Klaster.

Specific projects, which arise as a result of collaboration of thematic working groups, develop new possibilities of cooperation. Klaster’s proposal includes two opportunities:

Project Marketing – usage of Klaster as a partner as well as platform for promotion of the results of projects;
Foundation – as Klaster’s leader may be a partner in realization collaborative projects, (i) as a leader of entire consortium and/or handling the project, (ii) as a leader of working team, especially dedicated to promotion of a project and dissemination of the results and (iii) as a subcontractor. Klaster (the Foundation) comprises an essential value, as a resource while submitting a project application and as a tool, competences and possibilities while project realization. Klaster’s significance as common resource is highlighted in various competitions – its value is to increase as a result of launching so-called “cluster politics”. Our Partners will be able to strengthen the brand and demonstrate significant achievements.

  1. Marketing of Products and Services – using Klaster as a platform to promote one’s commercial offer; As a common marketing platform, Klaster may serve for sale, products popularization and market services. The offer is targeted to all Partners. However, developing enterprises might make the most significant gains because they have the possibility to get benefit from Klaster’s recognizable brand and contacts. Our objective is to continue to develop as a leading provider of services or products by system solutions in collaboration with external partners e.g.