Tools Of Cooperation Through The Internet

In order to support our Partners’ business activity we provide them with Internet services that will enable cooperation through the Internet and facilitate the access to useful information:

1. Each Klaster’s Partner obtains a business account and Internet address at our domain – (e.g., that will enable the access to Klaster’s Intranet on the platform. We view the Intranet as a tool for all Partners which can enable direct access to the system. It facilitates active and efficient usage of our offer due to constantly extended set of services divided into various workspaces. Currently, the system offers:

  • KLSK Intranet – dedicated to provide all necessary information about projects, events, enterprises, institutions, ideas and other dynamically defined operations. Intranet serves to place statements concerning the activity of Klaster Programming Board. In this area, Partners have the opportunity to take collaborative initiatives, establish consortia and projects as well as effectively manage them.
  • KLSK Funds and Financing – contains everyday news concerning funds, programs, contests and presents a variety of other possibilities for financing from official domestic  and foreign sources (e.g. H2020, ERC, COSME, Health Program,EUSBSR, NCN, RPO and others).The system is designated for fast exchange of information and stimulates communication between individuals interested in particular announcement.
  • KLSK International Cooperation – includes the news, data about events and projects as well as invitations to collaborate at an international level. In our region the international cooperation comprises an essential element of development strategy. It might facilitate finding associates for the projects or participating in other initiatives.

2. We believe that platform an adequate tool to support the development of innovative projects and promote them on the international arena. The platform encourages the development of innovative projects, commencing with the pre-phase until commercialization of a project in compliance with worldwide acceptable standards and regulations. The aim of the platform is to promote Partner’s projects and to commercialize the results of the researches. Klaster’s policy is to provide comprehensive usage of the platform which involves strict cooperation as a part of Klaster’s Innovation Team.