Nanoparticles for targeted radiotherapy of prostate cancer

NanoThea creates new nanoparticles for targeted radiotherapy of prostate cancer. Our target group is a wide group of patients with a developed disease, including with hormone-resistant prostate cancer, metastases and a group of patients under continuous observation, disagreeing with radical methods of therapy of this cancer. The methods used today make it impossible for patients to return to a normal life, damaging the basic functionalities of this organ. Prostate cancer is currently second cancer among men causing deaths. There is, therefore, a significant need for a therapy preserving full prostate functionality, eliminating cancer changes in the treatment process.


NanoThea is seeking strategic partner for further steps in the development path and product implementation. We are looking for both scientific and implementation cooperation – in the field of business development as well as investor relations. We have an interdisciplinary, dynamic team with competences in the field of synthesis, chemical analysis, work with radioisotopes and creating documentation.

The nature of the expected cooperation


NanoThea is a group of full of passion scientists and business professionals seeking new ways to fight cancer. Cancer if diagnosed early can be effectively cured. There are very accurate methods enabling precise diagnostics such as PET and PET/MRI.

R&D team composed of chemists and biologists specialists in polymer bioengineering, nanoparticles characterization, bioconjugate chemistry and in vitro studies. We have great collaboration in the field of radiochemistry and in vivo studies. In our advisory board numerous MD with everyday experience in nuclear diagnostics.