The use of Bluetooth and LTE M in medical facilities

Patients navigation/wayfinding inside hospitals and medical facilities is one of the problems of modern healthcare. The patients’ frustration resulting from being lost in the facility is ranked among the top complaints made by visitors of healthcare institutions. Patients and guests, often under the influence of stress, have problems moving around the facility and reaching the required destination. This problem mainly affects people visiting the facility for the first time. The lack of proper patient management systems leads to a loss of time among employees who have to provide guidance to patients instead of focusing on a designated task.

Ineffective communication/wayfinding systems also lead to a large number of unrealized or delayed visits and require the involvement of additional personnel to ensure the protection of restricted areas. The use of indoor localization solutions based on Bluetooth and LTE M allows you to solve these problems. Many hospitals also face the problem of locating their key assets. Wheelchairs, X-ray machines and thousands of other medical appliances must be easily accessible to staff.

Asset identification and tracking systems based on Bluetooth 5 and LTE M technologies enable detecting, identifying and locating medical devices or personnel members in real time, as well as registering the location of these resources over time.

In addition to helping staff locate equipment, asset tracking systems based on these technologies help outlets optimize the use and distribution of inventory (eg by collecting and storing data of the location of equipment over time).

The presentation on #LSOS18 aims to present the possibilities of using localization systems based on Bluetooth and LTE M technologies to improve the operations of healthcare facilities. The purpose of the presentation will be in particular the presentation of applications of systems supporting communication with the patient as well as the indoor location and management of key assets.


We are currently running pilot implementations with various healthcare institutions around the globe and we’d be interested in finding suitable partners in Poland that would be interested in implementing wayfinding/asset tracking solutions in their healthcare facilities.