Institute of Pharmacology of the Polish Academy of Sciences

For 55 years, i.e. since the Institute came into existence, a scientific title of Professor has been conferred on 25 researchers, and a degree of D.Sc. on 45 scientists. Moreover, since 1971, 178 scientists have been awarded a Ph.D. degree (in 149 case as a result of research done at the Institute).

The Institute has been cooperating with Poland’s pharmaceutical industry for many years. This cooperation consists in research and systematic testing of new products and generic drugs, as well as in giving lectures and training in pharmacology.

Since 1984 the Institute has organized Winter Schools dedicated to the latest achievements and directions in the development of neuropsychopharmacology all over the world. Participants of these schools are scientists workers of the Institute and researchers from centres cooperating with the Institute and from similar institutions. Up to the present twenty seven such schools have been organized.

The Institute has been implementing long-term collaborative scientific projects with a number of foreign research centers. This multilateral cooperation has already brought about a number of important joint publications and an exchange of scientists.


Address: Instytut Farmakologii PAN, ul. Smętna 12, 31-343 Kraków, Poland

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