The National Research Institute of Animal Production

The National Research Institute of Animal Production is one of the largest Polish scientific research institutes serving the whole country. It is accountable to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. The Institute was founded on 31 May 1950 by virtue of the Regulation of the Council of Ministers, on the initiative of Professor Teodor Marchlewski, an eminent animal breeding specialist and geneticist, the President of the Jagiellonian University during that time.

The Institute’s mission is to carry out research and development work in the field of animal production and development of the agricultural environment. This activity is oriented towards the current and future production of inexpensive and safe food under animal and environmentally friendly conditions, and the use of farm animals for biomedical purposes.

The Institute’s main and strategic research areas, in view of the changing needs of animal production, are as follows:

  • Genetics and breeding of farm animals, conservation of genetic resources,
  • Livestock nutrition and feed science,
  • Biotechnological methods of animal production,
  • Technology, ecology and economics of animal production,
  • Quality of raw materials and products of animal origin.

The Institute’s achievements, representing over 50 years of research, implementation and dissemination activities by its staff, resulted in the national (state) status being conferred to the National Research Institute of Animal Production. This is a considerable achievement and great distinction, but at the same time a significant challenge and obligation to continue efforts for the good of animal husbandry and Polish science.

Address: Instytut Zootechniki, 32-083 Balice, ul. Krakowska 1

Contact: Eugeniusz Herbut, e-mail:,  Maciej Dymacz, e-mail:, Beata Michalik, e-mail:, tel.: +48 12 422 88 52 / +48 12 258-81-33 / +48 12 258-81-36