The Oil and Gas Institute

The Oil and Gas Institute is a research and development unit, subordinated to the Ministry of Economy, working for the benefit of petroleum and natural gas industries.

Drawing on tradition and accomplishments of the entities from which it came into existence, the Institute has considerable scientific achievements and numerous research solutions implemented in oil field exploration and development, natural gas industry, and petroleum and petrochemical industry.

The directions of the substantive activity of the Institute have become a significant part of the domestic and European policy of the sustainable development of power industry:

  • evaluation of prospecting forecasts of oil and natural gas with methods of geology, geophysics, geochemistry and microbiology,
  • exploration and exploitation of deposits of hydrocarbons,
  • storage, transport, distribution and use of the natural gas, crude oil and petroleum products,
  • petroleum processing,
  • improving and monitoring of the petroleum product quality,
  • using the renewable sources of energy,
  • environmental protection in the oil and gas industry.

Good, constantly supplemented research infrastructure: modern apparatuses, including the unique analysers, equipment allowing to conduct laboratory and field tests, the rich collection of a library, and buildings and technological halls in Krakow, Krosno and Warsaw, permits the Institute to create the interesting and diverse offer of scientific, research and development, and service works for the industry, including small and medium enterprises, as well as for the involvement in research projects, carried out by scientific consortiums.


Address: Instytut Nafty i Gazu, 31-503 Kraków, ul. Lubicz 25a

Contact: Maria Ciechanowska, e-mail:,   tel. +48 12 421-06-86