COMS 2015

We would like to announce the COMS 2015 event, September 13th – 16th, hosted in Cracow. COMS 2015 is the 20th edition of the annual international conference on commercializing micro- and nanotechnology.

The Conference consists of three main streams:

  • Presentation of scientific/research latest results with possible commercialization potential or great impact on state-of-the-art in the field of micro/nanosystems and sensors. Poster presentations will be preferred.
  • A review of marketable solutions, methods and effects of commercialization of micro/nanosystems and sensors. Exhibition and oral presentations are welcome.
  • Visions and future discussion. Several aspects of expected rapid exponential growth of micro/nanosysems and sensors markets will be discussed by recognized world-class specialists. Invited oral talks only.

COMS 2015 programme

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You will have the opportunity to attend the High Tech entrepreneurial workshop being conducted in Krakow Poland at the Holiday Inn Kraków City Centre in connection with COMS 2015.  The workshop itself will have a very limited number of participating companies.  This is focused on nascent and early stage high tech entrepreneurial efforts.  Each year that this activity has been held registrants have gone on to either gain funding or to have an exit opportunity.  Last year was no different with at least three firms that attended receiving funding.

The workshop is specifically targeted to meet the needs of firms engaged in developing emerging technologies in order to provide superior solutions to commercial problems.  Dr. Janusz Bryzek, Dr. Job Elders and Dr. Steven Walsh are presenting.  Special presentation by the Highest rated early stage fund in the world by Mr. Ray Quintana General Partner of Cottonwood Technology Fund.  We have a team of experienced entrepreneurs, economic development professionals and venture funders assisting this year.  We need you to prepare for the conference workshop by doing the following 4 things.  We prepare the workshop for between 6 and 12 companies.

Find out what is in the Workshop programme and how to participate:

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To attend send an e-mail to: The deadline for application is August 16th.