Life Science Open Space 2014 – the Report

On October 22nd Klaster LifeScience Kraków hosted Life Science Open Space 2014 conference. The participants and guest speakers from different countries gathered in order to draw together many of the key themes in e-Health, diagnostics, biotechnology and innovative medicine.

The main objective of Life Science Open Space 2014 was to provide appropriate platform for the researchers, inventors, scientists, investors, entrepreneurs, developers and customers. Interactive sessions allow the attendees to question and explore the connection between life science and innovation.

Opening Session

The opening session began with the keynote address by Kazimierz Murzyn, the Managing Director of Klaster LifeScience Kraków Foundation. He discussed the concept of an Open Innovation Conference and introduced the main theme of Life Science Open Space 2014 – “Ideas and technologies for health and quality of life”.

Session 1

Session 1 featured the presentation of Jakob Rassmusen.We could listen to brilliant lecture entitled “Introducing Innovation in Healthcare”. Jolanta Pulit-Prociak revealed the secret of preparing nanometals using plant extracts and nanometals suspensions. The last speaker in this session – Justyna Ciejka provided an inspiring lecture on the application of N-sulfonated derivative of polyallylamine as a medicament for the treatment of respiratory tract.

Session 2

The session 2 included presentations by health professionals such as representative of the Institute of Leather Industry who gave an illuminating speech on establishment of the Lesser Poland Centre of Podology and Ergonomy “Foot Protection”. Another speaker – Maciej Szaleniec presented data concerning “Biocatalitic hydroxylation of cholesterol and its derivatives”. Both lectures subsequently elicited an enthusiastic panel among the audience.

Session 3

The third session opened with a speech of Aleksander Biesiada and was followed by a highly illuminating discussion among all the guests. We had chance to consider how to provide medical information for healthy individuals and assist the rehabilitation of patients using mobile applications, as the topic of the speech was “mHealth: health of the musculoskeletal system”. Iwona Gawlik focused on understanding the mucopolysaccharidosis supportive drug therapy with daidzein. Session 3 also included a presentation of Anna Kozakova – “Specialized program software for E-health system”. The last speaker in this session – Ewa Białek introduced the topic of building partnership for wellness and health.

Session 4

The last session was opened by Dominika Trembecka-Lucas who indicated the role of knowledge transfer in Life Sciences. Bertrand Pellet provided an eye-opening lecture on clinical information management along complex patient pathways. Our attendees appreciated an illuminating lecture entitled “Elderly Care – Smarter Cities” given by Matej Adam which also led to an eye-opening debate on the topic. We were pleased to watch a presentation of Filip Bartnicki who presented his work on aptamers and their potential application in medicine and biotechnology.

Networking sessions

During coffee breaks all the attendees took advantage of opportunities to discuss with the experts and deepen their knowledge on the presented topics. Participants were excited to visit stands and boutiques of exhibiting enterprises and to meet potential collaborators. Breakout and afterparty networking were incredibly popular as our guests were able to share the ideas from their work and consult them with peers.

The Opinion Collider

Later that evening our guests were invited to take part in “The Opinion Collider”. The aim of this panel was to crosslink opinions from business, academia and politics as well as to discuss the actual performance and perspectives for entrepreneurs and innovators.

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