The Innovation Forum 2016 – Leaders Conference

The Innovation Forum – Leaders Conference is a C-level conference gathering top leaders from industry, academia and government and mixing them with early stage ventures investors and researchers. The conference is now in it’s third year and previous editions brought together over 700 delegates, stimulated thousands of conversations and catalysed numerous partnerships for the next generation of innovative technology.

The conference is centered on innovation in deep technology industries, with a particular focus on pharmaceutical, biotechnology and clean-tech sectors.

On the 21-22 September, we will bring together as many as 600 delegates: CEOs, prominent investors and top innovators to head discussions of the latest trends in therapeutics, cleantech and medtech.

Whether  you  are  an  industry  leader,  investor,  leading academic  or  early‐stage  entrepreneur,  IF2016  offers  you the  chance to benefit from extensive partnering opportunities, hear  key  opinions, discuss the latest  trends  in  innovation and find  inspiration.  Find out what’s on the agenda.

The event will also host the Grand Finale of WHAT IF! – the global competition & accelerator for deep technology startups.

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