Invitation to participate in Infrastructure for Systems Biology Europe project

If you use or develop Systems Biology, then help shape the Infrastructure for Systems Biology – Europe (ISBE). The ISBE is funded by the European Commission through the FP7 programme and is part of the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructure programme (ESFRI). Currently ISBE is in its preparatory phase, and as part of this ongoing process we are conducting the following survey.

More information on ISBE including its aims, mission and current operations are available on the ISBE web site


Why is your contribution important?

In order to ensure that ISBE meets the requirements of systems biologists now and in the future, we are asking stakeholders from industry for feedback about systems biology technologies and business operations.  Spending about 15 minutes of your time to fill in the online questionnaire will help the ISBE consortium to map and report on what is available and required for Systems Biology in the future.


How can you help?

Simple. The link below takes you to the ISBE Survey. Fill it in!

The aim of this survey is to identify the existing systems biology expertise as well as the future needs and requirements of industry. The survey will therefore provide an important means for industry partners to help in shaping the future infrastructure so that it will optimally suit their needs. The results will be summarised in a report for the European Commission and will be available from the ISBE website:


If you have any questions or have any comments regarding the ISBE industry survey please contact:

Eeva Rainio
ESFRI Project Coordinator