Klaster in European networks

Under the Malopolska Regional Operational Program, Klaster LifeScience Krakow is implementing the project: “LifeScience Cluster Krakow – capacity building cooperation within networks of bio-regions in Europe”. The project is carried out within 20 months, from the second quarter of 2011 to the fourth quarter of 2012. The total value of the project amounts to 1 087 398, 00 zł.
Project is carried out with international partners:

  • SKEMA Buisness School, France;
  • Genopol, France;
  • BioCon Valley, Germany;
  • Biotechnology Cluster Aragon (BIOARATEC), Spain;
  • Latvian Biotechnology Association (LBA), Latvia;
  • Midlothian Council, Scotland.

The project aims at building a strong position of Bio-Region Malopolska and Klaster LifeScience Krakow in Central Europe. It will also increase Klaster’s  ability to implement international cooperation projects, including the role of GIN leader.


  • developing awareness and competencies of a team of Klaster’s experts through the workshops: Innovation and cooperation in the framework of international cooperation links.
  • acquisition of “know-how” and gaining experience in the field of innovation management through the training program in Genopol Biotech Park, France.
  • substantive preparation of Innovation Team (ZIN) members, having varying levels of knowledge and expertise from different institutions, to work within an interdisciplinary team with common goals and programme of action within the Klaster.
  • exchange of experiences and transfer of know-how and to develop methods and tools for collaboration through study visits and joint strategic workshops organized for partners representing the selected bio-regions in the EU.
  • promotion of Bio-RegionMalopolska as a leader in Central Europe and promotion of cooperation within GIN through the organization 2 international conferences in Krakow. Events in Krakow will strengthen and consolidate the Klaster’s position as a partner in international collaboration projects. The conference will increase interest in joining GIN by the regions that were not directly affected by the project. It is assumed that the LifeScience Open Space conference will become a permanent part of Krakow’s events calendar.
  • supporting ZIN’s actions by  e-marketing tools.
  • obtaining full membership in the European collaboration networks, in which Klaster is associated and cooperates in the selected projects. Full membership will facilitate access to information and allow greater involvement in joint initiatives and projects, but also increases Klaster’s position in these organizations.


Projects realized by Klaster LifeScience Krakow cover all of its partners (72 institutions) and their employees (approx. 35 thousand), and apply to the whole Bio-Region Małopolska.

The project is submitted under Regional Operational Program, Activity 8.2: “Building position of Malopolska in European Networks”. Jagiellonian Center of Innovation is the Project Leader.