Technology Transfer Group (ZIN)

The Technology Transfer Group performs the functions of interdisciplinary, cooperative centre for the transfer of knowledge (think-tank) in the fields of biotechnology and life science in Małopolska Region.  The Group consists of people representing members of the LifeScience Klaster occupying the positions connected with knowledge transfer, commercialisation and the cooperation with business practice and development in their respective institutions.

The aim of the Technology Transfer Group is to support innovation and academic entrepreneurship, increase efficiency of activities connected with commercialisation of knowledge and technology transfer and develop ties between science and business environment in the fields of biotechnology and life science in the Bio-Region Małopolska. The Group puts the concept of Open Innovation into scientific and business practice.

Tasks of the Group

a)    identifying, designing and sharing information concerning the technological and cooperative offer of the scientific institutions in Małopolska,
b)    easing the access to research resources and scientific teams,
c)    active support for innovative projects realised by science and business cooperation,
d)    preparing and realisation of the joint projects aimed at promotion and development of innovation and entrepreneurship,
e)    individual help and consulting regarding the realisation of innovation projects on each stage of development,
f)    developing and implementing the standards and benchmarks for knowledge transfer, commercialisation, protection of intellectual property, marketing,organisation and innovativeness,
g)    developing the cooperation networks in order to increase the capability to realise common innovative projects.


The Technology Transfer Group  acts as the task force within the LifeScience Klaster in Kraków. The Cluster’s activity focuses on promoting and supporting innovation in the life science sector. The LifeScience Klaster in particular:

  • facilitates establishment of cooperation, access to knowledge and information and access tospecialised research resources,
  • creates and supports strategic alliances, interdisciplinary centres of excellence and project groups – also at the international level,
  • fosters entrepreneurship, promotes and facilitates cooperation between companies and research centres,
  • promotes the Bio-Region Małopolska as a whole as well as individual work of the members of the innovation cluster home and abroad.

Contact LifeScience Klaster Technology Transfer Group on the issues concerning the life science sector technology, innovation projects, commercialisation, need for cooperation, need to solve the problem or develop an idea, etc. Find out how to make use of the possibility of cooperation with science or business.

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