The biggest advantage of Malopolska region is its human capital. Krakow and the Małopolskie Voivodeship are one of the most important academic centers in Poland, providing the high level of education. 10% of the region’s population has higher education, most of them are in the working age. Young, educated graduates of Krakow’s universities take first places in the national rankings.

There are 24 higher education institutions in Małopolska (10 public and 14 private), which employ 21 092 people (including about 1 800 teachers) and 210 046 students (including postgraduate, PhD and external students; this number accounts for 10% of the students in the country). Many strong educational centers conduct teaching in the area of ​​life science, e.g.: Jagiellonian University, Cracow University of Technology  or the AGH University of Science and Technology  and Agricultural University.

Malopolska with its the metropolitan city of Krakow and the surrounding region is characterized by high investment attractiveness, good transport accessibility and the presence of high technology sector, R & D institutions, universities and well-developed network of banking services and rich natural resources.

There are also a number of industry-oriented research units, for example:

 Jagiellonian University In Cracow:

Krakow Centre of Excellence and Competence:

  • BIER – Molecular Biotechnology – Integration of Education and Research
  • COPIRA – Computer Physics Interdisciplinary Research and Applications
  • IBAES – Integrating Basic and Applied Environmental Sciences for the benefit of local communities
  • STEC – Stem Cell Therapeutics-Excellence Centre
  • COLLEGIUM MEDICUM Jagiellonian University in CracowNANOSAM
  • Nanometer-scale Science and Advanced Materials
  • CATCOLL – Cracow Research Centre of Molecular Catalysis and Chemistry of Soft Matter
  • COCAFTEC – Center Of Competence For Advanced Foundry Technology
  • CUPPT – Center For Unconventional Processes And Production Technologies
  • MEM – Centre of Excellence for Materials Characterisation by Electron Microscopy

AGH Stanisław Staszic University Of Science And Technology

  • NEFCE – Research Centre for Neuro-Fuzzy Computations in Structural and Civil Engineering

The Tadeusz Kościuszko Cracow University Of Technology

  • Telemedicine and Preventive Medicine

Apart from university units, also private companies carry out R&D, mainly in the following branches: biotechnology, pharmacy, medicine, IT, system automation, automotive industry… and many others.

Activities related to supporting new technology development are conducted by such institutions as:
Centre for Innovations, Technology Transfer and University Development (CITTRU)
Cracow University of Technology Transfer Centre (CTT PK) Connecting Business and Science
Technology Transfer Centre of the University of Science and Technology 

The amount of allocation for research commercialisation under the MAŁOPOLSKA REGIONAL OPERATIONAL PROGRAMME for the years 2007-2013 is EUR 177.7 million.