Investing in Digital Health Innovations

Digital Health Innovations

The Digital Health Innovations push an unprecedented change in the way health services are delivered, personalized, accessed, and funded. LifeScience Krakow cluster with Partners have enaged in the development of common concept aimed to create The Centre for New Methods in Computational Diagnostics and Personalised Therapy, to be located in Krakow.

The two half day meeting aim to trigger and leverage a discussion, inviting stakeholders interested in investing in Digital Health solutions and specifically in the development of Digital Health business applications focused on diagnostics and personalised care.

Day 1. May 28th | Seminar: Investing in the Digital Health Innovations

The objective of the seminar is to share and exchange inputs, between health professionals, scientists, companies and investors (business developers) about the strategies and actions aimed to foster developments and implementation of the digital transformation in personalised healthcare. Despite promising developments, there are also several challenges to overcome, including regulation, privacy, strategic business models, reimbursement and the ever-looming changes in the health care sector. The key question of the seminar is: how to structure the model cooperation between InSilico Medicine Centre of Excellence and Business Development sectors?

The program:

  1. Digital health beyond 2020 – where we are heading: the example of In Silico Medicine (presented by: Insigneo Institute)
  2. The value proposition for the Digital Health – the case of CECM (presented by: Klaster LifeScience Krakow)
  3. The discussion: investing in the Digital Health – the cooperation model.

Seminar commences at 3pm, May 28th in Park Lifescience, Titanic Room; Bobrzynskiego 14 Str., Krakow.

Day 2. May 29th | Digital Health Pitching & Breakfast

A few of the most interesting (possibly disrupting companies) in the Digital Health space will pitch their product and services in front of representative of Life Science Venture Capital.

Session commences at 9am, May 29th  in The Kolanko nr 6 Restaurant, Józefa 17 Str. Krakow.

The number of seats is limited: the session is open to LifeScience Krakow members and invited guests.

Digital Health Pitching & Breakfast is paid 25PLN per person: Payment details

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Participating organisations:

  • NCBiR, Poland
  • ACK Cyfronet AGH, Poland
  • Insigneo, the Institute for in silico Medicine (the University od Sheffield), GB
  • Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI, Germany
  • Markets&Listing (M&L), France
  • LifeScience Business Consulting, Poland

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