EIT Health Bridgehead Programme


Subject: EIT Health Bridgehead Programme

The EIT Health Bridgehead programme provides European start-ups and scale-ups with individualised support in growing their validated businesses beyond their home markets. During this process, scale-ups are guided by members of EIT Health’s vetted European network of top-notch accelerators (also referred to as CATalysers or CATs), who open the right doors to establish and grow cross-border business.

Details of the offer:
Scale-ups connect to one or two CATs of their choice to receive support, which help the companies speed access to markets, tap into local networks of partners and clients, access infrastructure and get a first-hand feel for the local reglementary and business contexts of new markets. The Bridgehead programme operates within two distinct tracks to meet the scale-ups’ demands: Bridgehead Europe and Bridgehead Global.

Anna Badurska
EIT Health

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