SME Go Global Networks

The SME Go Global Network (SMEGoNet) is a SMART+ sub-project, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund in the framework of the Interregional Cooperation Programme INTERREG IV C. SMEGoNet is realized under the grant agreement signed on 02.06.2011 with the SMART + Leading Partner: The Aragonese Federation of Municipalities, Regions and Provinces.

SMEGoNET is carried out by 4 partners from Spain, Greece and Romania, with Klaster LifeScience Krakow from Poland as the project’s leader.

The project aims to increase capabilities of clusters and its members, to professionally define and manage joined initiatives increasing their local and global competitiveness. Project is targeted at small and medium size businesses but also involves other private and public organisations –  SME’s partners within innovation networks.

Project’s goals:

  1. promoting entrepreneurship and innovativeness as well as exchanging best practices
  2. building skills for effective collaboration within local and international networks
  3. promoting “Open Innovation” as the concept used to leverage resources available in the network and strategically manage business innovation processes
  4. identifying and promoting value-added services tailored to needs of SMEs

 Project Partners:

  • Poland (Klaster LifeScience Kraków, administered by the Jagiellonian Centre of Innovation)
  • Spain (Cluser de empresas biotecnologicas de Aragon – Bioaratec, Zaragoza)
  • Romania (Universytatea Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj Napoca)
  • Greece (University of Western Macedonia – Reaserch Committee)

Project results:

  • Establishment of the internet platform Global Innovation Network for the exchange of information, both at local and global levels. It is the place where the project partners share best practices, inform about current events and the present their offers of cooperation;
  • Two new innovative clusters have been created from the scratch and developing as networks (Cluj-Napoca, Kozani). SMEs and science teams from respective regions are engaged in the process with long term vision and objectives;
  • Creation and dissemination of  4 regional newsletters. The newsletter for LifeScience Krakow is available here;
  • Organization of series of workshops in each region in the themes of SMEs innovation and networking capabilities. Local SMEs  have been thoroughly informed about innovation, network and clustering activities increasing their potential to collaborate with international SMEs through their participation in the GIN network.
  • Performing the analysis and developing reports regarding “Actual attitude of SMEs towards innovation and development via strategic innovation collaboration”. Research helped to understand problems and barriers which inhibit SMEs to implement active innovation policies and to engage in collaboration within regional clusters.
  • Elaboration of the Training Program and The Guide aimed to increase innovation capability of target audience. The materials will be available on the Internet platform The training program developed within the SMART project and becoming a propriety of large community will be example of the Open Innovation concept applied to training about Open Innovation.

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