3D Printing against COVID-19. Solutions for enterprises and institutions


Introduction – the problem:
The coronavirus pandemic and a global lockdown influenced companies all over the world. Supply chains are broken, there are gaps in the stores. Companies are looking for savings and optimiziation of processes. Hospitals have a huge problem with a personal protective equipment and medical equipment. We need new solutions and products, which can be delivered and produced as soon as possible. 3D printing is the best solution for the lack of supplies due to pandemic. Additive manufacturing is a fast and reliable way for delivering parts on-demand.

The offer – the solution:
We offer 3D printing services for all industries, such as manufacturing, engineering, medicine and stomatology. We print face shields, anti-covid door handle, swab sticks and other equipment for doctors and paramedics.
We offer support and solutions for producers so that, they could deliver products faster and easier. We print prototypes, production tools and final parts.

If you need parts on demand or additive workstation, you’re welcome to cooperate with us.

Michał Bryda-Przybyszewski
CadXpert – Systemy Druku 3D

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