Future corelab – nowe technologie wizualizacji danych medycznych


Introduction – the problem:
Interventional cardiology is a rapidly evolving field, fuelled by the technological development in devices and procedures. Advancements in imaging technologies have played a key role in facilitating the planning and monitoring of complex coronary, structural and peripheral interventions. However, as the complexity of interventions increases, there is a need now for new imaging solutions to answer emerging clinical problems.

We hereby describe this technology and propose a novel imaging-centric approach to pre-procedural planning and intra-procedural monitoring of coronary and structural interventions using current and emerging advanced imaging technologies.

The offer – the solution:
KCRI’s Core Laboratory offers independent, standardized and adjudicated data analysis of several imaging study endpoints.
Core Laboratory Infrastructure:
– Validated analitical workstation with software for quantitative data assessment.
– Study leadreship and suport of Data Managment Department.
– Team of experienced analysts under supervision of medical and engineering leadership.

Klaudia Proniewska

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