New technologies for clinical trials: eCRF secured by blockchain


Introduction – the problem:
Nowadays clinical trials are mostly held in paper form. There is no trend of using applications thats supports the CRF in electronic form because they either buggy or do not fulfill all the needs of researchers . Each trail is different and has different needs. We introduce electronic clinical trials – the web application that can be adapted for every scenario and clinical research. Our eCRF carries out clinical trials in electronic form, makes them easy to use for a doctor or other enrolled stuff. Researchers are also able to analyze data which are in addition secured by blockchain technology.

The offer – the solution:
Interested researchers can try our eCRF and perform their clinical researches. Application can be used to have better control of the project and/or analyze collected information. Also it can be used to secure the paper data in a form of blockchain secured dataset.

Krzysztof Misztal

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