Global Innovation Network (GIN)


The Global Innovation Network  is a member-directed, non-profit organization which aims at combining regional SMEs and R&D companies on a global scale. GIN was established by Klaster LifeScience Kraków, Bioaratec Saragossa and  North Carolina Eastern Region.

The goal of the organization is to combine the global regional institutions representing local businesses in the SME sector and R & D.
The purpose of GIN is to connect emerging life science regions to better compete with similar regions around the world. GIN activities to help attract investment, create and boost the development of new bio-businesses as well as to assist in the transfer of technology from science to business. Detailed information can be found at

Members of the GIN are legal entities representing interests of regional Networks as well as Regions itself. They  provide certain services, assets and knowledge within the organization. On this basis, we develop a multinational network of experts and suppliers in the field of life science research and business.

Our mission:

  • to provide a basis for the implementation, coordination and promotion of co-operation, communication and resource sharing between members;
  • to support the development of life sciences, new technologies and innovations;
  • to boost the competitiveness between local and international companies, which has a positive and stimulating effect on their development;
  • to create networks at the international level, which helps companies in the SME sector to keep up with the rapidly changing global economy.

Who can become a member?

  • Regional organizations of economic development,
  • Non-profit organization supporting the development of life sciences,
  • Universities,
  • Research institutes,
  • Other entities deemed appropriate by the member of GIN.

What are the benefits of being a GIN member?

  • Protection and support for intellectual property,
  • Assessment of the market,
  • Technology exchange,
  • Access to seed capital and venture capital,
  • Facilitated creation of a spin-off company,
  • Identification of opportunities and assistance in technology licensing,
  • Cooperation in research,
  • Access to the database of best practices, know-how and technical expertise,
  • Assistance in entering the market,
  • GIN brand recognition on the market,
  • Support for the rapid implementation of products and services.


Contact information:


John Chaffee

CEO, North Carolina Eastern Region

3802 Highway 58 N Kinston, NC, USA 28504

Tel: 1-252-522-2400 Fax: 1-252-523-9017



Kazimierz Murzyn

Managing Director of Klaster LifeScience Krakow

Bobrzyńskiego 14, Kraków 30-348, Poland

Tel: 48 12 297 4 605 Fax: 48 12 277 4 646

Email: kazimierz.murzyn @