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Rationale: the background
We are AstraZeneca, one of the world’s most forward-thinking and connected BioPharmaceutical companies. With a strong purpose, an even stronger bond between each of our people and a science-led, patient-first attitude, we’re changing the future of medicine and the impact it can have on lives across the globe. Are you ready for a challenge?
At AstraZeneca, we share and are motivated by the same purpose: pushing the boundaries of science in order to deliver life-changing medicines to patients around the world. In short, our work has true meaning. Everything we do is underpinned by our dedication to being a Great Place to Work. We recognise that our people are our greatest asset and know what’s possible with a talented and diverse team that believes in what science can do. That’s life at AstraZeneca.

The Warsaw Site
In Poland, AstraZeneca is present since 1992. Our team has grown consistently ever since, and has recently exceeded 2000 employees. Right from the beginning of its existence, AstraZeneca has put extraordinary pressure on growth processes. A key aspect of AstraZeneca’s performance is its R&D capability; clinical trials are absolutely core to maintaining our high levels of innovation. In 2011, AstraZeneca built the first Global Operations Centre for Clinical Trials in this part of Europe in Warsaw, and has since become one of the only 6 locations globally. More recently, 2020 marked the year when AstraZeneca Pharma Poland received the status of a R&D Centre by the Polish Ministry of Development. 
The Warsaw centre deals with trial planning, coordination of patient recruitment processes, and clinical data accumulation and management. The Warsaw centre is also responsible for clinical trial supervision whilst paying exceptional attention to the quality of patient care and creation of advanced statistical analysis and reports. This material is later used as the groundwork in applications for registration of medicinal products.

Message: the offer
Recruitment Offer
The opportunities at AstraZeneca, Warsaw are aimed mainly at experienced specialists from within the clinical research sector, doctors, clinicians, researchers, as well as graduates in medicine, pharmaceutical sciences, biotechnology, biology, and related technical fields. There are some entry-level opportunities and student or graduate programmes available as well.
Join us and find out more!

Agata Qanadilo
AstraZeneca Pharma Poland

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