Digital Transformation – from raw data to visualization (with Open Source)


Introduction – the problem:
A multitude of instruments, scientific applications, print data – all different formats, different structure, no relations, no context, no meaning. The digital lab offering facilitates opportunities to bring all this data together, to make it FAIR, to visualize in context and to enable powerful decision making. In addition to „machine data”, there are tons and GB of print and electronic documents. Content is human readable, but lost to any lab automation process. Getting this information into the the digital lab workflow can be a momentus challenge, our solution helps sustain value of historic and present day written document collaterals using RPA.

The offer – the solution:
With the combination CUTTLE and mRPA we bring together different technologies from the Open Source domain, to extract and gather data from a growing platform of instruments, scientifc applications and even electronic or print documents. Adding context with custom or public taxonomies and ontologies, storing it in different formats for retrieval and visualization. Gluing it all together with a business process model engine to orchestrate and automate data flows and actions. All of this combined gives the end user a hugely powerful mechanism to base key scientific decisions on allowing for more informed science to be perfomed.

Paul Denny-Gouldson
Zifo R&D Solutions

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