Construction of proteome


Introduction – the problem:
Proteome is the construction of all proteins in one piece. The most difficult issue is to put the functional relations together for system of 30 000 proteins. The main goal is to simulate the activity of the living organism answering the question : How it works ? Traditionaly constructed proteomes based on the protein as the structural unit are not able to simulate any action. The presented model assuming the negative feedback loop as structural-functional unit for proteome construction is able to simulate the time-dependent processes. The monitoring of processes in time as well as prediction of systems reaction on external signals is possible.

The offer – the solution:
The project is of the character of basic research. The construction of proteome according to presented model has a huge impact on the scientific interpretation of living organisms. The possibility to simulate the diseases (including cancer) is possible. However the distance to reach this goal is quite large. The collaboration with computer science specialist with the basic knowledge of biological science is expected.

Irena Roterman-Konieczna
Jagiellonian University – Medical College

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