SpeedUp Venture Capital Group


SpeedUp Venture Capital Group is a leading group of venture capital funds, investing in enterprises in an early stage of development (seed, pre-revenue, early growth, Series A). Areas of their interest include enterprises and entrepreneurs in Central and Eastern Europe, who want to conquer the global market by utilizing their self-developed solutions. Cooperation with companies is based on a 3-8 year investment horizon. SpeedUp Group looking for innovations from areas such as: consumer internet, electromobility, energy, fintech, martech, adtech, medtech, IoT and hardware. Their interested in technologies like Machine Learning, Picture recognition, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, VR and Blockchain.

Details of the offer:
We’re investing at the stages: pre-seed- Series A. Out investment ticket: 250 K EUR – 5 M EUR

Robert Grygorowicz

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