Safety at work possible during Covid 19 – UV-C lamps as a method of prevention


Introduction – the problem:
Covid 19 changed our life and world, but we have to work work to survive, we have to use the medical help in safe way and it is possible only by prevention issues like UV-C lamps. Space pure is a platform which gives the best devices, after tests and witch special medical reports. We want to share our knowledge about technology -popular in medicine about 40 years, that can serve us in our work, home and public places.

The offer – the solution:
We are interested in cooperation- we are lookin for distributors but also a clients who can use this equipment to fell safe.
According to the meds the most important thing is to reduce the exposure to the wiruses, which make us more safe.

Anna Stachniuk
Doradztwo Strategiczne Anna Stachniuk

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