Czy „zdrowa żywność” to to samo co „żywność ekologiczna”?


Introduction – the problem:
The organic food market is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the food industry. Even during a pandemic, it retained more than 20% growth. However, consumers often do not know how to distinguish certified organic food from other products. It is especially difficult and demanding because manufacturers often use phrases suggestive of the health-promoting properties of the product. In many stores is possible to encounter the so-called shelves with „Health food”, where organic products are mixed with conventional products.

The offer – the solution:
The purpose of this speech is to identify the crucial differences between organic and conventional food, which result primarily from the relevant legislation. Organic farming is subject to a special system of certification regulated at the level of EU law (mainly Regulation No 834/2007), while healthy food is only a marketing term that does not guarantee a high quality of the product. The key point is to know the conditions that must be fulfilled by a product to be labeled and advertised as organic, and how you can join the certification system.

Magdalena Wolska

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