Enhancing buttermilk with probiotics- a potentially new functional food?


Introduction – the problem:
In recent years, the subject of “functional food” has become very popular among consumers. It can be expected that especially in the current pandemic times this interest will continue to grow. Buttermilk can be considered as a functional food due to its health promoting components. In order to enhance this product, probiotics have been added to buttermilk to combine the health benefits of probiotics and the natural product. The potential health benefits of probiotics include: the improvement of gut health, boosting the immune response, lowering the cholesterol level in serum, fighting infections of the upper respiratory tract and potential to prevent colon cancer. It was necessary to analyze the survivability of the microorganisms in buttermilk produced from sweet milk and sweet buttermilk in order to determine the survivability of those microorganisms.

The offer – the solution:
The aim of this presentation is it show the potential of producing a new product that could be sold on the Polish market. This product would not only promote buttermilk and probiotics, but it would also provide consumers with a functional food to improve their health. The obtained results from this study can be used by companies which would be interested in producing this buttermilk. The results could help to determine which probiotic cultures showed a good survivability and the viability in the product and it could help to determine the impact on the other bacteria present in this fermented milk.  

Robert Gosik
Uniwersytet Rolniczy Kraków

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