Digital patient solution, medical devices, sensors and patient reported outcome tools in clinical trials.


Introduction – the problem:
There are a number of pressing issues impacting the development of new pharmaceutical products. Many of these issues are exacerbated by the COVID pandemic. Examples of the issues are that only ~3% of citizens ever join a clinical trial, an average of 15% of people leave trials before the end, and over 90% of all data is collected from patients in the clinic, requiring patients to travel to a site to donate their data.

AstraZeneca is developing a digital patient solution designed to help patients to find studies suitable for them, support them through the trial process and through connected medical sensors and patient reported outcome tools, allow patients to provide their data remotely from home? This solution will benefit patients, clinical sites and bring enable us to bring new innovative therapies through the development process more efficiently.

The offer – the solution:
In order to deliver this to solution to patients at scale there are opportunities for collaboration in the configuration and testing of study specific applications, development of devices and sensors to be integrated into the solution and development of advanced AI algorithms to analyse the data generated.

AstraZeneca team working on design and implement these solutions in global clinical trials is located in many places around the globe: Wilmington (US), Cambridge (UK) Gothenburg (Sweden),Warsaw (Poland). A group of nearly 200 people working at Warsaw AstraZeneca R&D site is involved in implementation of these systems in global clinical research and we welcome anyone willing to join or collaborate with the team.

Barbara Kozierkiewicz
AstraZeneca Poland

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