Atlanpole Biotherapies – Innovation Landscape of Western France


Introduction – the problem:
Atlanpole Biotherapies is an interregional cluster, covering the regions of Pays de la Loire, Bretagne, and Centre Val de Loire, which was recognised and certified by the Ministry of Industry in July 2005.

Atlanpole Biotherapies coordinates the work of laboratories, companies and platforms for a public-private complete, relevant and competitive solution, on the bio-medicine value chain from target discovery to clinical evaluation.

The members of our network cover the following areas of expertise: 
– Immunotherapy 
– Regenerative Medicine 
– Radiopharmaceuticals 
– Digital/e-health 
– Animal Health
– Nutrition and Microbiota

Our cluster is always looking for opportunities for European and international cooperation. We would like to present our cluster and the innovation landscape in our region, and explore opportunities for collaboration between the different partners present.

The offer – the solution:
Atlanpole Biotherapies is currently involved in the CE4BIG project, and is supporting our members to find collaboration opportunities with companies abroad through the ClusterXchange programme. We hope to present our cluster organisation and give an overview of the kinds of expertise that can be found in our region. 
Our talk will be followed by presentations from some of the members of our cluster.

Mineke Faure-Eon
Atlanpole Biotherapies

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