We aim to revolutionize medical diagnostics


Introduction – the problem:
We are at the dawn of a new era: the omic era. Genomics – the analysis of the inherited gene set of each individual is already an advanced technology broadly applied in population-wide studies and entered public life. The next level of ‘omic’ technologies is advancing, allowing the reflection of dynamic processes such as an individual´s health or disease state by analyzing the gene products – proteins. Proteins are already now the most used biomarkers, but they are usually analyzed by single-test- single-protein assays. In contrast, proteomics is the technology for the comprehensive analysis of the ensemble of all proteins. OmicEra Diagnostics aims to catalyze a revolution in medicine and lifestyle by developing a clinical proteomics technology platform that can be deployed in diagnostics for multiple diseases.

The offer – the solution:
At OmicEra we offer cutting-edge mass spectrometry (MS)-based analyses of human samples, ranging from plasma, CSF or urine to any type of FFPE and frozen tissue collection. OmicEra is highly scalable and has a current capacity of analyzing more than 200,000 samples per year. Powered by innovative AI technology, our results maximize biomedical insights. This helps our clients to improve their research pipelines and discover more reliable and valuable biomarkers. Our interdisciplinary team is fueled by a diverse knowledgebase, including leading proteomic scientists, bioinformaticians and serial entrepreneurs. Together with strong tech partners, such as Bruker Daltonics and our clinical partners, we aim to change the way we think about medical diagnostics and implement the latest omic technologies in clinical routine.

Dr. Sophia Doll

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