Digital medicine – lab perspective


Introduction – the problem:
Treatment of oncological patients with targeted therapy has been carried out in our country for over 15 years. However, compared to some Western European countries and the USA, access to new drugs is limited and the reimbursement of genetic tests is not optimal. In order to make full use of targeted therapy in our country, it is necessary to increase the availability of modern drugs and allow for the reimbursement of genome sequencing (WGS and WES). The situation is complicated by the lack of a national system to collect medical data using electronic health records (EHR). The EHR creates a database for advanced projects, generates hypotheses, rationalizes medical expenses, brings huge financial savings! It is necessary to systematically strive for a national electronic health care system that will allow creating a rational pro-health policy, including refunds of modern therapies and genomic diagnostics.

The offer – the solution:
We are open to scientific projects concerning the creation of an electronic medical documentation system with the integration of large-scale data from scientific projects. Projects concerning the automatic collection of medical data suitable for further analyses – systems working without the use of computer keyboard – e.g. digital voice recorders with transcription capability and further text processing.

Dr Artur Kowalik
Holy Cross Cancer Center

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