Advanced Neuroimaging in Clinical Practice

Ból neuropatyczny

Currently, Radiologists, Neurosurgeons and MRI specialists are working with low-end medical image processing software applications which:

  1. lack image processing accuracy which leads to misdiagnosis.
  2. operate as offline solutions leading to a lack of interoperability and increased costs for healtchare organizations
  3. are extremely complex to be used leading to reduced productivity levels and
  4. are extremely expensive, especially for small and medium-sized hospitals and diagnostic centers

Advantis Medical Imaging has developed a high-end and pure web-based neuroimaging software, Brainance MD, intended to be used for the display, processing and analysis of brain MRI exams.

Brainance MD is used by radiologists, neuroradiologists, neurosurgeons and neurologists for the diagnosis and monitoring of severe brain pathologies such as: brain tumor, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, stoke etc.

Brainance MD:
– incorporates state-of-the-art algorithms which achieve highly accurate results
– operates as pure web-based solutions accessible from any device anytime.
– is extremely simple to use, saving valuable time for the physicians
– is offered as a software as a service under dynamic subscription plans, affordable to even small and medium-sized healthcare organizations
– is CE Marked as a class IIa medical device
– is MRI machine-independent
– is PACS compatible
– offers collaborative processing as multiple users can work together on shared datasets
– is GDPR and ISO 27001 compliant

Brainance MD is an all in one neuroimaging platform which can be used by hospitals, diagnostic centers, teleradiology companies, CROs and even individual physicians in order to achieve a more timely and accurate diagnosis of severe brain pathologies.

Advantis Medical Imaging is looking for distribution synergies with regional Value Added Resellers which have the know-how and resources to roll out Brainance MD in the Polish market.

Advantis is already commercializing Brainance MD within EU and Asia.

Presenter: Paris Ziogkas
Web site: Adventis Medical Imaging

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