Safeosafe – New way of monitoring serious diesases such as Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s diesase

Wykorzystanie telemedycyny

Our venture called is a unique solution for people suffering from Epilepsy, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. During our lifes we have met a lot of problems that not only directly affects people suffering from these diesases, but also their families, doctors and clinics that are helping them. The important thing for us was to divide those problems in three groups:

1.Problems that directly affect patients:
-They don’t know when, where and why an epilepsy attak or psychomotor hyperactivity can occur. It means that they live in a constant fear because they can’t predict when to take medicin or lay down. To save themselves.
-They need to be constantly on the lookout. It means that they always have to ask somebody to drive them or to go with them to the places like clinics and hospitals.
-In those hospitals and clinics they need to do a series of medical examinations that are only testing them during the same range of emotions and situations. It means that those examinations don’t show exactly how our brain and our diesase affects us during their everyday life. After those examinations doctors often can’t say what situations or emotions can lead to attacks, thats why the treatment isn’t as effective as it could be and those unpredicted attacks can lead to serious brain damage.
-Those problems are affecting over 130 milion people all over the world.
2.Problems that affect patients families:
-They need to constantly look after their suffering siblings. This is such an important problem, because in US help provided to people suffering only from Alzheimer’s took more than 18.5 bilion hours care were provided by
Alzheimer’s caregivers in 2018, a contribution to the nation valued at nearly $234 billion.
-They often have to resign from their carrer development because the time that they would spend on it is given to help their suffering relatives.
-The biggest problem for parents of children suffering from epilepsy is that they can’t even sleep, because they are afraid of possible attacks that their children can have. During our research we also found out, that those parents can’t focus on their work or personal life because of this fear.
3.Problem that affects clinics:
-Space in the clinics is limited and the problem is that in the most of them visits are unnecessary. According to one of the biggest Polish Epilepsy Therapy Center only 10% of the visits need to be done stationary in the clinic. Rest of the visits don’t require phisical contact with doctors. It is not only a waste of time of patients but also a problem for the clinics that doesn’t allow clinics to develop.

What we are?

The main assumption of the venture is to provide a simple solution for people suffering from these serious diesases and their families to live a normal life. We also wan’t to help clinics to develop and give their patients a better treatment.

What is our plan to solve this problem?

We want to solve this problem by developing a bracelet that can monitor brain activity and phisical activity of the user 24 hours a day and software that analyzes collected biomedical data and send it directly to doctors. They can base their treatment on it. The software will also call for help if an abnormal activity is detected and inform the caregivers about the situation of their relatives.
The software is able to detect epilepsy attack or pyschomotor hyperactivity in real time or short time before it occurs.

Our planned activities and what we have right now.
As far as we know we don’t need to have a medical certificate on this product. We only need to report it as a medical device which will be much easier and requires not as much money and time as certificating a device. Our hardware product isn’t also hard to build. We don’t need to design our own engineering because we can build it from already existing medical sensors. We only need to compress them and put it in a bracelet which also isn’t hard and we know how to do it.

When it comes to the software, in the final vision we plan to build 2 apps, one for clinics and other for the patients and their families.

We are far away from this plan right now, because we don’t want to build such a serious hardware product without having clients. Right now we are developing an app which will allow patients to easily talk to the doctors in clinics. According to the data metioned before, only 10% of the visits need to be done manually neverthless almost 100% of them are done that way. It will be a less time consuming option of having an appointment with a doctor and also a chance for the clinic to have more clients and develop faster. We not only offer the app to the clinics for free but we also want to find a business cooperation partner with who we can implement our bracelets in the future. Our offer is very attractive for them, because we have a very high chance of participating in e-pionier NCBiR programme, which is going to cover 80% of the cost up to 1mln PLN as soon as we find the first client that wants to use our solution.

We have built a landing page to validate if the patients would want to use our solution. We collected over 150 e-mails from only people suffering from epilepsy in 12 hours that want to create accounts and use our solution instantly. So we started to develop this app and we plan to finish it at the end of January. During this time we also want to find doctors and clinics that will be in our app. If the idea will prove itself we will transform this app in our final product with already existing client database and doctors/clinics.

We are looking for business cooperations in medical field. We want to contact with that have experience in telemedicine. We also are looking for any kind of investors or people who want to share their knowledge and experience with us. We are open for having contact with clinics and scientific field, doctors etc.

Mateusz Cyran

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