switchSENSE® heliX®: Next-Generation Modular Biosensor for Interaction and Conformation Analysis


Introduction – the problem:
Dynamic Biosensors is a young biotech company based in Munich, Germany, focused on the development and marketing of our pioneering and award-winning switchSENSE® technology for molecular interaction analysis. We provide solutions to academic and industry partners in the areas of biophysical analysis and drug discovery.

Our just-launched heliX® line of instruments pushes the boundaries of what has previously been possible in biosensing. It provides a higher information content than any other biosensor by enabling the analysis of binding kinetics, affinity, and conformational changes in proteins and nucleic acids. It outperforms state-of-the-art systems in resolving the fastest binding kinetics as well as the most stable interactions. The dissection of multiple binding events positions the technology in the front line of multi-specific antibody development.

Learn more about switchSENSE®, biosensing with electrically actuated DNA nanolevers, and heliX® at www.dynamic-biosensors.com.

The offer – the solution:
Dynamic Biosensors develops and manufactures instruments as well as consumables and associated software. We are the proprietary of switchSENSE®, a novel technology for the analysis of molecular interaction and biophysical characterization. In our research labs in Munich, Germany, and in San Carlos, USA, and through our work with imaginative customers around the world, we are bringing new and exciting methodologies to the world of biophysics.

The switchSENSE® technology is being used in several countries in Europe, North America and Asia and several labs are using our instrument on their publications.

Daisy Paiva
Dynamic Biosensors

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