Calmsie is an AI, evidence-based, data-driven solution for mental health with four components: lifestyle recommendation system, telemedicine platform, therapeutic chatbot, diagnostic system.

We care for user’s mental health by providing prevention, diagnosis and treatment solutions. Given user’s permission, we collect daily data regarding: physical activity, pulse, sleep (from smart devices), mental wellbeing and social interactions (based on psychological questionnaires designed by leading Psychiatry Professors).

The data is visualized and assessed by a physician given the patient’s permit facilitating an evidence-based approach to therapy. The data is also used as a basis of a lifestyle recommendation system, which provides personalised, real-time guidance on sleeping habits, physical activity, diet, relaxation and mindfulness.

Calmsie has created a comprehensive platform for specialists and patients beyond the standard telemedicine panel. We do this by providing a set of solutions including an encrypted videochat as well as tools that facilitate filling the patient’s documentation. We now work on a voice transcription feature.

Moreover, our NLP driven chatbot provides Calmsie patients with a therapeutic tool and directs them on a customized journey through recommendations and real-time consultations with mental health experts. The data driven system helps to enhance the doctors’ diagnostic capabilities and to some extent allows for self-screening and assessment.

Our product is available for individuals as a complete mental health care solution. We have a dedicated offer for corporations, where we provide their employees with easy access to dedicated Calmsie psychologists within a subscription system. In addition, we offer tailored 7-day, 14-day 4-week and 8-week plans that prevent burnout and help improve mental wellbeing.

Details of the offer:
Calmsie is highly scalable not only regarding Polish market, but also foreign markets – while the solution requires only translation to different languages, our strong international network of Psychiatry specialists allows us to collaborate with leading specialists to provide their services through the telemedicine platform. Currently we have built up networks in the UK and the US (Calmsie Chief Medical Officer is London based) and also are taking part in the Scale Up Champions acceleration program, where we are adjusting the product to corporate partners in Denmark.

The increasing number of users and amount of data will only positively influence the quality of the product. The use of Machine Learning makes the software, as it grows, more precise, resulting in Calmsie being even more attractive to customers.

Most importantly we are seeking a partnership to broaden our corporate perspective and also to consult and validate our product ideas to ensure that they meet our business client’s needs and deliver value-based mental health care.

Marcin Waryszak

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