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Immunooncology is now trending and has become the new thing in cancer therapy. The rapid development of this field has changed the biotech landscape in many ways, but most importantly, presents a new, more effective means of treatment for patients suffering with different types of cancer.

Immunooncology changes the way we think about treating cancer – it allows us to engage the immune system to recognize and treat cancer, rather than administer drugs aimed at killing the tumor. Cancer only becomes dangerous when it can effectively hide from the immune system – this treatment method engages our natural defenses to fight the disease.

Even theoretically, this is a much better mean of treatment than the traditional methods like chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, as it causes much less harm for patients, has fewer limitations and proves to be effective against many types of cancer.

With more and more people studying the field, more and more projects dedicated to discovery of new immunooncology therapies, a new chance presents itself for those who want to create the future.

At ExecMind, we connect scientists to biotech companies and institutions performing research on innovative topics. We work towards the development of Polish science.

We are looking for researchers to take on roles of Principal Investigators in immunooncology, oncology and neuroscience. We need people ready to establish a scientific group, lead and develop projects aimed at helping patients. We need experienced people, not afraid of a challenge, adventurers and courageous innovators.

Details below. Application only takes a minute. It really is worth a check.

Author: Michal Golabek / Senior Researcher

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