Collaboration through innovative science: AstraZeneca Open Innovation Platform and Experience and Expertise Exchange mentoring program

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AstraZeneca offers numerous opportunities of collaboration and support to science. Open Innovation platform and Experience and Expertise Exchange mentoring program are examples of such an approach. At AstraZeneca we are committed to driving scientific advances through collaborations to push the boundaries of medical science in order to deliver novel therapeutic solutions to patients worldwide.

About Open Innovation platform

AstraZeneca has spent decades creating unique enabling tools and technologies of interest to the scientific community of investigators. These include optimised compounds with extensive data packages, high throughput screening libraries and facilities, cheminformatics and other in silico analytics, and drug R&D knowhow, expertise and experience. At the same time, academic, research foundation and biotech investigators have been developing insights, tools, technologies, platforms, resources and facilities that complement those of AstraZeneca. Examples include disease pathophysiology and patient care insights, assay, biomarker and imaging technologies, and specialised facilities.
Open Innovation platform offers the opportunity of bringing all of this together through partnering and we can test hypotheses that may otherwise not be possible. Sharing ideas and enabling scientific innovation to cross boundaries between academia, industry, government and non-profit organisations will help us translate innovative ideas into scientific breakthroughs and potential new medicines more quickly and effectively.
By Menelas Pangalos, EVP, R&D BioPharmaceuticals, AstraZeneca:
‘At AstraZeneca, we have great scientists doing truly ground-breaking research. But in order to speed up the delivery of the next generation of medicines, we also need to access the best science outside our labs. We are always looking for new ways of working with academic or industry researchers who share our passion for advancing the science and helping patients with unmet medical needs.’
Open Innovation platform offers access to more than 250,000 compounds in screening library. So far 250 collaborations around the globe were started and 19 scientific challenges completed.

About Experience and Expertise Exchange mentoring program

As a science-driven company, AstraZeneca wants to build an environment in which our colleagues and those in the broader scientific community are encouraged and supported to innovate. That is why Exchange Mentoring in Gothenburg, Cambridge and Warsaw was launched. AstraZeneca mentors help next generation life-science companies to convert innovative ideas into long-term success.
Through Experience and Expertise Exchange program mentors work with established incubators and respond to queries from linked companies. Mentoring to these companies is offered in turn and on a wide range of topics, including trial design, drug screening experiments, and commercial potential. AstraZeneca mentors provide this support typically through one-off advisory sessions in strategic matters, rather than extended commitments.

Grzegorz Zając

Grzegorz Zając jest lekarzem i ekspertem w dziedzinie innowacyjnych terapii oraz badań klinicznych. Jest absolwentem Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego oraz University of North Carolina i od ponad 16 lat pracuje w branży farmaceutycznej pełniąc role medyczne i naukowe w działach badań i rozwoju. Obecnie Grzegorz zajmuje się badaniami klinicznymi na etapie późnych faz, dodatkowo w warszawskim oddziale AstraZeneca prowadzi również inicjatywy mające na celu popularyzację i promocję badań naukowych, współpracę ze środowiskiem akademickim oraz wspieranie transferu technologicznego.

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