TriNetX – Data-Driven Approach to Clinical Trial Research & Real-World Evidence


There are a number of obstacles confronting today’s clinical trial research field:
• Failure to accrue sufficient participants. Protocols designed without the benefit of real data to verify their feasibility have resulted in avoidable amendments and delays.
• Flat to declining grant funding. More sites are competing for a static/decreasing pool of funding.
• Intensive time investment spent on the assessment of targeted patient population. Lack of easily accessible overviews of the patient population.
• Pressure for more effective partnerships. Industry sponsors want better partnerships with research institutions and research institutions want better relationships with biopharma companies.
TriNetX is the global health research network enabling healthcare organizations (HCOs), biopharma and contract research organizations (CROs) to collaborate, enhance trial design, accelerate patient recruitment and bring new therapies to market faster. TriNetX provides a platform which re-uses electronic health records (EHR) from HCOs in a secure and trustworthy (GDPR-compliant) way for clinical research purposes. Although patient data remains securely stored behind HCOs firewall, it can be instantly queried for real-time access to patient populations for cohort calculation, analysis and comparison, assessment of patient rate of arrival, analysis of selection criteria and eventually for patient identification for a given clinical trial. A core element of TriNetX is its ability to map across disparate clinical data coding standards to a common terminology for ease of use and seamless research collaboration with other HCOs.

Being part of the TriNetX community improves HCOs principal investigators’ ability to leverage own patient data while enhancing competitiveness and attractiveness for sponsored clinical trial participation. As a member of the TriNetX community, HCOs are also able to collaborate in multi-site research with peer organizations without the need to map data on a case-by-case basis.
The TriNetX global health research network will HCOs:
– Improve exploratory research. Allows the principal investigators to better understand the target patient population to aid in the development of a study protocol.
– Improve collaborative multi-site research. Allows the principal investigators to undertake research across larger patient data sets via a secure collaborative peer-to-peer network with other TriNetX healthcare organization members on a regional, national or global basis.
– Improve patient recruitment process. Allows principal investigators to more easily identify their patient population to quickly determine if it meets study eligibility criteria.
– Increase opportunities to participate in sponsored trials. Increase HCO funding of local research and development teams through increased sponsorship from biopharma companies.
– Streamline evaluation processes. Helps HCOs become more attractive to biopharma by enabling improved evaluation of patient availability and feasibility for clinical trial protocols.

Marta Chodorek
Business Development Manager EMEA for TriNetX

My mission is to speak to hospitals across Europe and present how TriNetX can revolutionize we conduct research and bring HCO’s, Pharma and CRO’s closer together to improve patients health.

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